【攝影活動】500px 全球 Photo Walk 香港站



500px is organizing a second annual Global Photo Walk in every city on the planet!

Jack Visuals ( is proudly hosting the Hong Kong photo walk part this year. Join thousands of photographers in a free photo walk around Hong Kong and explore new hidden spots and meet new friends.

Feel free to bring your kids, your friends, share your experiences and be a part of the community. Together we can learn from each and help each other, while taking photos!

Meet up point: Shek Kip Mei (石峽尾) MTR station Exit A
Meet up time: Sep 6th, 4pm HKT
Route: Shek Kip Mei (石峽尾) –> Sham Shui Po (深水埗)–> Nam Cheong (南昌)

The theme for this year’s photo walk is “Patterns and Symbols.” The area near Sham Shui Po is chosen because it is full of old buildings and stores. We will see patterns and symbols everywhere around us. So let’s capture everything that relates to that!

500px Second Annual Global Photo Walk (Hong Kong)

For more information, please check the below website

500px photowalk:

Jack Visuals:

2024 數碼攝影終極攻略


不要錯過官方最新推出的電子書2024 數碼攝影終極攻略,全書分為二十二個單元,每個單元再細分十多個題材,由攝影心理訓練,到實際的相機設定、鏡頭選擇應用、必學構圖、後製技巧、實戰分析等也一一無私跟你分享。內容包含超過438頁、178個攝影秘技,配合345張精美相片協助學習,務求讓你於30天內大幅提升攝影功力!一次購買後無限更新及閱讀。適用於各款DSLR(單反)、Mirrorless(無反/微單)、Prosumer級相機等,不論品牌型號,舊顧客也可免費下載更新版!


2024 數碼攝影終極攻略